Download Final Voter List of District Wise Delhi Assembly Constituencies 2013

delhiThe Election Commission of India yesterday on 04.10.2013 declared the polling dates for delhi assembly elections treated as semi-final between the rival political parties Congress and BJP.

Earlier in the year 2013, new comer Aam Aadmi Party AAP will reserve the ground in Delhi assembly elections, offering alternate dimension to what has widely touted to be a contest among the Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party as on date.

BJP chief vijay goel is heading election campaign in delhi competing the 3 term ruling chief minister Sheila Dikshit standing for the 4th time.

The women representatives are less as with only four women MLAs of 70 in 2008.

Here is the list of district wise assembly constituency election date for delhi. Those who have no voter id card can avail election identity card from the delhi election office upon filling the voter id application form. THe applicant can check verify the voter id with photo uploaded on the official website of delhi election.

The official website of delhi election office‎

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Constituency number  Name  District 
1 Nerela North West Delhi
2 Burari North West Delhi
3 Timarpur North West Delhi
4 Adarsh Nagar North West Delhi
5 Badli North West Delhi
6 Rithala North West Delhi
7 Bawana North West Delhi
8 Mundka North West Delhi
9 Kirari North West Delhi
10 Sultan Pur Majra North West Delhi
11 Nangloi Jat West Delhi
12 Mangol Puri North West Delhi
13 Rohini North West Delhi
14 Shalimar Bagh North West Delhi
15 Shakur Basti North West Delhi
16 Tri Nagar North West Delhi
17 Wazirpur North West Delhi
18 Model Town North West Delhi
19 Sadar Bazar North West Delhi
20 Chandni Chowk North Delhi
21 Matia Mahal Central Delhi
22 Ballimaran North Delhi
23 Karol Bagh North Delhi
24 Patel Nagar West Delhi
25 Moti Nagar North West Delhi
26 Madipur West Delhi
27 Rajouri Garden West Delhi
28 Hari Nagar West Delhi

Assembly Election Results of Rajasthan State Constituency Wise

The BJP gave a enormous triumph in 2013 Rajasthan Assembly polls almost gaining 3/4 th of 199 seats of whose votes were counted.

The final tally reported that the Opposition party retunred to power gaining 162 seats almost a big hike of eighty four seats from its previous polling 2008 that is nearly 14% rise.

The ruling party and Anti-incumbency Congress could balance the twenty one seats with a fall of seventy four seats in contrast to 2008 election.

The CM Ashok Gehlot pointed the BJP for giving lies over the government while in the run-up polls.


Adarsh Nagar 53 ASHOK PARNAMI Bharatiya Janata Party MAHIR AZAD Indian National Congress 3803
Ahore 141 SHANKAR SINGH RAJPUROHIT Bharatiya Janata Party SAVARAM PATEL Indian National Congress 9152
Ajmer North 100 VASUDEV DEVNANI Bharatiya Janata Party DR. SHRIGOPAL BAHETI Indian National Congress 20479
Ajmer South 101 ANITA BHADEL Bharatiya Janata Party HEMANT BHATI Indian National Congress 23158
Alwar Rural 65 JAIRAM JATAV Bharatiya Janata Party TIKARAM JULLY Indian National Congress 26799
Alwar urban 66 BANWARI LAL SINGHAL Bharatiya Janata Party NARENDRA SHARMA Indian National Congress 62229
Amber 47 NAVEEN PILANIA National People’s Party SATISH POONIA Bharatiya Janata Party 329
Anta 193 PRABHU LAL SAINI Bharatiya Janata Party PRAMOD BHAYA Indian National Congress 3399
Anupgarh 6 SHIMLA BAWRI Bharatiya Janata Party SHIMLA DEVI NAYAK National Unionist Zamindara Party 11146
Asind 177 RAM LAL GURJAR Bharatiya Janata Party RAM LAL JAT Indian National Congress 27309
Aspur 159 GOPI CHAND MEENA Bharatiya Janata Party RAIYA MEENA Indian National Congress 10504
Bagidora 165 MAHENDRAJEET SINGH MALVIYA Indian National Congress KHEMRAJ GARASIYA Bharatiya Janata Party 14325
Bagru 56 KAILASH VERMA Bharatiya Janata Party DR. PRAHLAD RAGHU Indian National Congress 46356
Bali 120 PUSHPENDRA SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party RATAN LAL CHOUDHARY Indian National Congress 19588
Bamanwas 91 KUNJI LAL Bharatiya Janata Party NAWAL KISHORE Indian National Congress 5662
Bandikui 85 ALKA SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party SHAILENDRA JOSHI National People’s Party 5777
Bansur 63 SHAKUNTALA RAWAT Indian National Congress ROHITASH KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party 23916
Banswara 164 DHAN SINGH RAWAT Bharatiya Janata Party ARJUN SINGH BAMANIYA Indian National Congress 30061
Baran-atru 195 RAMPAL Bharatiya Janata Party PANACHAND MEGHWAL Indian National Congress 20600
Bari 78 GIRRAJ SINGH Indian National Congress JASWANT Bharatiya Janata Party 2801
Bari sadri 171 GAUTAM KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party PRAKASH CHAND CHAUDHARY Indian National Congress 17261
Barmer 135 MEWARAM JAIN Indian National Congress DR. PRIYANKA CHOWDHARY Bharatiya Janata Party 5913
Baseri 77 RANI SILOTIA Bharatiya Janata Party CHHITARIA National People’s Party 5748
Bassi 57 ANJU DEVI DHANKA Independent AVANTI National People’s Party 11339
Bayana 76 BACHCHU SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party RITU BANAVAT Independent 5811
Baytoo 136 KAILASH CHOUDHARY Bharatiya Janata Party COLONEL SONA RAM Indian National Congress 13974
Beawar 103 SHANKAR SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party MANOJ CHAUHAN Indian National Congress 42909
Begun 168 SURESH DHAKER Bharatiya Janata Party RAJENDRA SINGH BIDHURI Indian National Congress 21298
Behror 62 DR. JASWANT SINGH YADAV Bharatiya Janata Party BALJEET YADAV (BATKHANI) Independent 18585
Bhadra 11 SANJEEV KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party BALWAN SINGH POONIA Communist Party of India (Marxist) 26488
Bharatpur 73 VIJAY BANSAL (PAPPU BANDA) Bharatiya Janata Party DALVEER SINGH Bahujan Samaj Party 22694
Bhilwara 180 VITTHAL SHANKAR AVASTHI Bharatiya Janata Party RAMPAL SONI Indian National Congress 46116
Bhim 173 HARI SINGH RAWAT (PANNA SINGH) Bharatiya Janata Party LAKSHMAN SINGH RAWAT (FATEH SINGH) Independent 18451
Bhinmal 143 POORA RAM CHOUDHARY Bharatiya Janata Party UM SINGH Indian National Congress 40191
Bhopalgarh 126 KAMASA Bharatiya Janata Party OMPRAKASH Indian National Congress 35810
Bikaner East 14 SIDDHI KUMARI Bharatiya Janata Party GOPAL LAL GAHLOT Indian National Congress 31677
Bikaner West 13 GOPAL KRISHAN Bharatiya Janata Party BULAKI DAS Indian National Congress 6424
Bilara 131 ARJUNLAL Bharatiya Janata Party HEERARAM Indian National Congress 35941
Bundi 186 ASHOK DOGRA Bharatiya Janata Party MAMTA SHARMA Indian National Congress 27636
Chaksu 58 LAXMINARAIN Bharatiya Janata Party PRAKASH CHAND Indian National Congress 12358
Chhabra 196 PRATAP SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party MANSINGH DHANORIYA National People’s Party 61385
Chittorgarh 169 CHANDRABHAN SINGH (AKYA) Bharatiya Janata Party SURENDRA SINGH Indian National Congress 11850
Chohtan 140 TARUN RAI KAGA Bharatiya Janata Party PADMARAM Indian National Congress 23526
Chomu 43 RAMLAL SHARMA Bharatiya Janata Party BHAGWAN SAHAI SAINI Indian National Congress 44473
Chorasi 161 SUSHIL KATARA Bharatiya Janata Party MAHENDRA KUMAR BARJOD Indian National Congress 20313
Civil lines 51 ARUN CHATURVEDI Bharatiya Janata Party PRATAP SINGH KHACHARIYAWAS Indian National Congress 11129
Dag 197 RAMCHANDRA Bharatiya Janata Party MADANLAL Indian National Congress 50397
Danta ramgarh 36 NARAYAN SINGH Indian National Congress HARISH CHANDRA Bharatiya Janata Party 575
Dausa 88 SHANKAR LAL SHARMA Bharatiya Janata Party MURARI LAL Indian National Congress 25172
Deedwana 107 YUNUS KHAN Bharatiya Janata Party CHETAN CHOUDHARY Indian National Congress 11444
Deeg-kumher 72 VISHVENDRA SINGH Indian National Congress DIGAMBER SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 11162
Degana 112 AJAY SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party RICHHPAL SINGH Indian National Congress 14482
Deoli – uniara 97 RAJENDRA GUJAR Bharatiya Janata Party RAMNARAIN MEENA Indian National Congress 29635
Dhariawad 157 GOTAM LAL Bharatiya Janata Party NAGRAJ Indian National Congress 7174
Dhod 34 GORDHAN Bharatiya Janata Party PEMA RAM Communist Party of India (Marxist) 45071
Dholpur 79 B. L . KUSHWAH Bahujan Samaj Party BANWARI LAL SHARMA Indian National Congress 9209
Dudu 45 PREMCHAND Bharatiya Janata Party HAJARI LAL NAGAR Indian National Congress 33720
Dungargarh 17 KISHANA RAM Bharatiya Janata Party MANGLA RAM GODARA Indian National Congress 16202
Dungarpur 158 DEVENDRA KATARA Bharatiya Janata Party LALSHANKAR GHATIYA Indian National Congress 3845
Fatehpur 32 NAND KISHORE MAHARIA Independent BHANWARU KHAN Indian National Congress 3926
Ganganagar 2 KAMINI JINDAL National Unionist Zamindara Party RADHESHYAM GANGANAGAR Bharatiya Janata Party 37068
Gangapur 90 MAN SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party RAMKESH Indian National Congress 28375
Garhi 163 JEETMAL KHANT Bharatiya Janata Party KANTA BHEEL Indian National Congress 24450
Ghatol 162 NAVANIT LAL Bharatiya Janata Party NANALAL NINAMA Indian National Congress 27198
Gogunda 149 PRATAP LAL BHEEL Bharatiya Janata Party MANGI LAL GARASIYA Indian National Congress 3345
Gudhamalani 139 LADU RAM Bharatiya Janata Party HEMA RAM CHOUDHARY Indian National Congress 33155
Hanumangarh 8 RAMPRATAP Bharatiya Janata Party VINOD KUMAR Indian National Congress 30487
Hawa mahal 49 SURENDRA PAREEK Bharatiya Janata Party BRIJ KISHORE SHARMA Indian National Congress 12715
Hindaun 82 RAJKUMARI Bharatiya Janata Party BHAROSILAL Indian National Congress 8111
Hindoli 184 ASHOK Indian National Congress MAHIPAT SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 18453
Jodhpur 128 KAILASH BHANSHALI Bharatiya Janata Party SUPARAS BHANDARI Indian National Congress 14510
Kaman 70 KU. JAGAT SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party ZAHIDA KHAN Indian National Congress 3357
Kapasan 167 ARJUN LAL JEENGAR Bharatiya Janata Party R.D. JAWA Indian National Congress 30246
Karanpur 3 SURENDER PAL SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party GURMEET SINGH Indian National Congress 3853
Karauli 83 DARSHAN SINGH Indian National Congress ROHINI KUMARI Bharatiya Janata Party 17167
Kathumar 69 MANGAL RAM Bharatiya Janata Party RAMESH KHEENCHI Indian National Congress 15730
Kekri 105 SHATRUGHAN GAUTAM Bharatiya Janata Party DR. RAGHU SHARMA Indian National Congress 8867
Keshoraipatan 185 BABOO LAL VERMA Bharatiya Janata Party CHUNNI LAL URF C.L. PREMI BAIRWA Indian National Congress 12731
Khajuwala 12 VISHWANATH Bharatiya Janata Party GOVIND RAM Indian National Congress 8357
Khandar 93 JITENDRA KUMAR GOTHWAL Bharatiya Janata Party ASHOK Indian National Congress 19342
Khandela 37 BANSHIDHAR Bharatiya Janata Party GIRIRAJ Indian National Congress 35394
Khanpur 199 NARENDRA NAGAR Bharatiya Janata Party SANJAY GURJAR Indian National Congress 30956
Kherwara 151 NANA LAL AHARI Bharatiya Janata Party DAYARAM Indian National Congress 11166
Khetri 31 POORANMAL SAINI Bahujan Samaj Party JITENDRA SINGH Indian National Congress 7850
Khinwsar 110 HANUMAN BENIWAL Independent DURG SINGH Bahujan Samaj Party 23020
Kishan pole 52 MOHAN LAL Bharatiya Janata Party AMINUDDIN Indian National Congress 9685
Kishanganj 194 LALIT KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party CHATRIBAI Indian National Congress 12982
Kishangarh 98 BHAGIRATH CHOUDHARY Bharatiya Janata Party NATHU RAM SINODIYA Indian National Congress 31074
Kishangarh bas 60 RAMHET SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party DEEP CHAND Indian National Congress 14816
Kolayat 15 BHANWAR SINGH Indian National Congress DEVI SINGH BHATI Bharatiya Janata Party 1134
Kota North 189 PRAHLAD GUNJAL Bharatiya Janata Party SHANTI KUMAR DHARIWAL Indian National Congress 14861
Kota South 190 OM BIRLA Bharatiya Janata Party PANKAJ MEHTA Indian National Congress 49439
Kotputli 40 RAJENDRA SINGH YADAV Indian National Congress BANWARI Bharatiya Janata Party 24687
Kumbhalgarh 174 SURENDRA SINGH RATHORE Bharatiya Janata Party GANESH SINGH PARMAR Indian National Congress 27606
Kushalgarh 166 BHIMA BHAI Bharatiya Janata Party HURTING KHADIYA Indian National Congress 708
Lachhmangarh 33 GOVIND SINGH Indian National Congress SUBHASH MAHARIA Bharatiya Janata Party 10723
Ladnun 106 MANOHAR SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party HARJIRAM BURDAK Indian National Congress 23051
Ladpura 191 BHAWANI SINGH RAJAWAT Bharatiya Janata Party NAIMUDDIN(GUDDU) Indian National Congress 16206
Lalsot 89 DR. KIRODI LAL National People’s Party PARSADI LAL Indian National Congress 491
Lohawat 123 GAJENDRA SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party MALARAM Indian National Congress 19814
Luni 130 JOGARAM PATEL Bharatiya Janata Party AMRIDEVI BISHNOI Indian National Congress 35940
Lunkaransar 16 MANIK CHAND SURANA Independent SUMIT GODARA Bharatiya Janata Party 4817
Mahuwa 86 OMPRAKASH Bharatiya Janata Party GOLMA National People’s Party 15658
Makrana 113 SHREERAM BHINCHAR Bharatiya Janata Party ZAKIR HUSAIN GESAWAT Indian National Congress 11778
Malpura 94 KANHIYALAL Bharatiya Janata Party RAMBILAS CHOUDHARY Indian National Congress 40221
Malviya Nagar 54 KALICHARAN Bharatiya Janata Party ARCHANA Indian National Congress 48718
Mandal 178 KALU LAL GUJAR Bharatiya Janata Party RAM PAL SHARMA Indian National Congress 41434
Mandalgarh 183 KIRTIKUMARI Bharatiya Janata Party VIVEK DHAKAR Indian National Congress 18540
Mandawa 28 NARENDRA KUMAR Independent RITA CHOUDHARY Independent 17118
Manohar thana 200 KANWAR LAL Bharatiya Janata Party KAILASH CHAND Indian National Congress 34666
Marwar junction 119 KESARAM CHOUDHARY Bharatiya Janata Party KHUSHVEER SINGH Indian National Congress 13653
Masuda 104 SUSHIL KANWAR PALARA Bharatiya Janata Party BRAHMDEV KUMAWAT Indian National Congress 4475
Mavli 154 DALI CHAND DANGI Bharatiya Janata Party PUSHKAR LAL DANGI Indian National Congress 23465
Merta 111 SUKHARAM Bharatiya Janata Party LAXMAN RAM Indian National Congress 35549
Mundawar 61 DHARAM PAL CHOUDHARY Bharatiya Janata Party MAJOR O.P. YADAV Indian National Congress 29417
Nadbai 74 KRISHNENDRA KAUR Bharatiya Janata Party GHANSHYAM (BABA) Bahujan Samaj Party 14556
Nagar 71 ANITA Bharatiya Janata Party WAJIB ALI National People’s Party 8113
Nagaur 109 HABIBUR RAHMAN ASHRAFI LAMBA Bharatiya Janata Party HARENDRA MIRDHA Independent 5855
Nasirabad 102 SANWAR LAL Bharatiya Janata Party MAHENDRA SINGH Indian National Congress 28900
Nathdwara 176 KALYANSINGH CHOUHAN Bharatiya Janata Party DEVKINANDAN GURJAR Indian National Congress 12472
Nawalgarh 29 DR. RAJKUMAR SHARMA Independent PRATIBHA SINGH Indian National Congress 33566
Nawan 115 VIJAY SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party MAHENDRA CHOUDHARY Indian National Congress 29779
Neem ka Thana 38 PREM SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party RAMESH CHAND KHANDELWAL Indian National Congress 34202
Nimbahera 170 SHIRCHAND KRIPLANI Bharatiya Janata Party ANJANA UDAILAL Indian National Congress 3370
Niwai 95 HEERA LAL Bharatiya Janata Party PRASHANT Indian National Congress 5936
Nohar 10 ABHISHEK MATORIA Bharatiya Janata Party RAJENDRA Indian National Congress 26951
Nokha 18 RAMESHWAR LAL DUDI Indian National Congress KANHAIYA LAL JHANWAR Independent 30794
Osian 125 BHAIRA RAM CHAUDHARY Bharatiya Janata Party LEELA MADERNA Indian National Congress 15396
Pachpadra 137 AMRA RAM Bharatiya Janata Party MADAN PRAJAPAT Indian National Congress 23237
Pali 118 GYANCHAND PARAKH Bharatiya Janata Party BHEEMRAJ BHATI Indian National Congress 13673
Parbatsar 114 MANSINGH KINSARIYA Bharatiya Janata Party LACHCHHA RAM BADARDA Indian National Congress 16298
Phalodi 122 PABBA RAM Bharatiya Janata Party OM JOSHI Indian National Congress 34171
Phulera 44 NIRMAL KUMAWAT Bharatiya Janata Party BAJRANG Indian National Congress 24297
Pilani 25 SUNDERLAL Bharatiya Janata Party J.P.CHANDELIA Independent 13996
Pilibanga 9 DROPATI Bharatiya Janata Party VINOD KUMAR Indian National Congress 10198
Pindwara abu 147 SAMARAM GRASIYA Bharatiya Janata Party GANGABEN GRASIYA Indian National Congress 30855
Pipalda 187 VIDHYASHANKAR NANDWANA Bharatiya Janata Party RAMGOPAL BAIRAWA National People’s Party 7749
Pokaran 133 SHAITAN SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party SALEH MOHAMMAD Indian National Congress 34444
Pratapgarh 172 NANDLAL Bharatiya Janata Party VELURAM MEENA Indian National Congress 31938
Pushkar 99 SURESH SINGH RAWAT Bharatiya Janata Party NASEEM AKHTAR INSAF Indian National Congress 41290
Raisingh Nagar 5 SONADEVI National Unionist Zamindara Party BALVEER SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 21238
Rajakhera 80 PRADHYUMN SINGH Indian National Congress VIVEK SINGH BOHARA Bharatiya Janata Party 26012
Rajgarh laxmangarh 68 GOLMA National People’s Party SURAJBHAN DHANKA Samajwadi Party 8128
Rajsamand 175 KIRAN MAHESHWARI Bharatiya Janata Party HARI SINGH RATHOR Indian National Congress 30575
Ramganj mandi 192 CHANDRAKANTA MEGHWAL Bharatiya Janata Party BABULAL Indian National Congress 36919
Ramgarh 67 GYANDEV AHUJA Bharatiya Janata Party ZUBAIR KHAN Indian National Congress 4647
Raniwara 145 NARAYAN SINGH DEWAL Bharatiya Janata Party RATAN Indian National Congress 32652
Ratangarh 23 RAJ KUMAR RINWA Bharatiya Janata Party PUSARAM GODARA Indian National Congress 25158
Reodar 148 JAGASI RAM Bharatiya Janata Party LAKHMA RAM Indian National Congress 32244
Sadulpur 19 MANOJ KUMAR Bahujan Samaj Party KAMLA Bharatiya Janata Party 4826
Sadulshahar 1 GURJANT SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party JAGDISH CHANDER Indian National Congress 4808
Sagwara 160 ANITA KATARA Bharatiya Janata Party SURENDRA KUMAR Indian National Congress 640
Sahara 179 DR. BALU RAM CHAUDHARY Bharatiya Janata Party KAILASH CHANDRA TRIVEDI Indian National Congress 20756
Salumber 156 AMRIT LAL Bharatiya Janata Party BASANTI Indian National Congress 36651
Sanchore 144 SUKHRAM VISHNOI Indian National Congress JEEVA RAM Bharatiya Janata Party 24055
Sanganer 55 GHANSHYAM TIWARI Bharatiya Janata Party SANJAY BAPNA Indian National Congress 65350
Sangaria 7 KRISHAN KADVA Bharatiya Janata Party SHABNAM Indian National Congress 11601
Sangod 188 HEERALAL NAGAR Bharatiya Janata Party BHARAT SINGH KUNDANPUR Indian National Congress 19232
Sapotra 84 RAMESH Indian National Congress RISHIKESH Bharatiya Janata Party 6232
Sardarpura 127 ASHOK GEHLOT Indian National Congress SAMBHU SINGH KHETASAR Bharatiya Janata Party 18478
Sardarshahar 21 BHANWARLAL Indian National Congress ASHOK KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party 7057
Sawai madhopur 92 RAJKUMARI DIYAKUMARI Bharatiya Janata Party DR. KIRODILAL National People’s Party 7532
Shahpura 42 RAO RAJENDRA SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party ALOK BENIWAL Indian National Congress 2397
Shahpura 181 KAILASH CHANDRA MEGHWAL Bharatiya Janata Party RAJKUMAR BAIRWA Indian National Congress 43666
Sheo 134 MANVENDRA SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party AMEEN KHAN Indian National Congress 31425
Shergarh 124 BABU SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party UMMEDSINGH Indian National Congress 6327
Sikar 35 RATAN LAL JALDHARI Bharatiya Janata Party RAJENDRA PAREEK Indian National Congress 13015
Sikrai 87 GEETA VERMA National People’s Party NAND LAL BANSIWAL Bharatiya Janata Party 3699
Sirohi 146 OTARAM Bharatiya Janata Party SANYAM LODHA Indian National Congress 24439
Siwana 138 HAMEERSINGH BHAYAL Bharatiya Janata Party MAHANT NIRMALDAS Indian National Congress 20701
Sojat 117 SANJNA AGARI Bharatiya Janata Party DR. SANGEETA ARYA Indian National Congress 20756
Soorsagar 129 SURYAKANTA VYAS Bharatiya Janata Party JAIPHUKHAN Indian National Congress 20328
Srimadhopur 39 JHABAR SINGH KHARRA Bharatiya Janata Party DEEPENDRA SINGH Indian National Congress 7902
Sujangarh 24 KHEMARAM Bharatiya Janata Party MASTER BHANWARLAL Indian National Congress 13649
Sumerpur 121 MADAN RATHORE Bharatiya Janata Party BINA KAK Indian National Congress 42643
Surajgarh 26 SANTOSH AHLAWAT Bharatiya Janata Party SHRAWAN KUMAR Indian National Congress 50219
Suratgarh 4 RAJENDAR SINGH BHADU Bharatiya Janata Party DUNGAR RAM GEDAR Bahujan Samaj Party 26779
Taranagar 20 JAI NARAYAN POONIYA Bharatiya Janata Party DR. CHANDRASHEKHAR BAID Indian National Congress 11136
Thanagazi 64 HEM SINGH BHADANA Bharatiya Janata Party KANTI PRASAD National People’s Party 3732
Tijara 59 MAMAN SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party FAZAL HUSSAIN Bahujan Samaj Party 37994
Todabhim 81 GHANSHYAM Indian National Congress PRATHVIRAJ MEENA National People’s Party 7009
Tonk 96 AJIT SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party SAUD SAIDI Independent 30343
Udaipur 153 GULAB CHAND KATARIA Bharatiya Janata Party DINESH SHRIMALI Indian National Congress 24608
Udaipur Rural 152 PHOOL SINGH MEENA Bharatiya Janata Party SAJJAN DEVI Indian National Congress 13764
Udaipurwati 30 SHUBHKARAN CHOUDHARY Bharatiya Janata Party RAJENDRA SINGH MADHOSINGH Indian National Congress 11871
Vallabh Nagar 155 M. RANDHIR SINGH BHINDAR Independent GAJENDRA SINGH SHAKTAWAT Indian National Congress 13167
Vidhyadhar Nagar 50 NARPAT SINGH RAJVI Bharatiya Janata Party VIKRAM SINGH SHEKHAWAT Indian National Congress 37913
Viratnagar 41 DR. PHOOLCHAND BHINDA Bharatiya Janata Party RAMCHANDRA Indian National Congress 9398
Weir 75 BAHADUR SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party OM PRAKASH PAHADIYA Indian National Congress 13423

Aam Aadmi Party AAP MP List 2014 Lok Sabha General Election

Aam Aadmi Party AAP MP List 2014 Lok Sabha General Election:

Aam Aadmi Party AAP

The Aam Aadmi Party had released the 2nd candidates name list for the upcoming Member of Parliament MP election to the 16th Lok Sabha of India.

Previously in the 1st list of candidates for the Member of Parliament MP election about 20 contesting candidates name list was released by the Aam Aadmi Party and now the 2nd list of candidates which consists of 30 name list.

Aam Aadmi Party AAP MP contesting candidates list 2014:

No State LS Constituency AAP MP List 2014
1 Delhi East Delhi Raj Mohan Gandhi
2 Gujarat Junagarh Shekhada Atulbhai Govindbhai
3 Haryana Rohtak Naveen Jaihind
4 Haryana Kurukshetra Balwinder Kaur
5 Haryana Sirsa Poonam Chand Ratti
6 Haryana Hisar Yudhbir singh Khyalia
7 Haryana Sonipat Jaisingh Thekedar
8 Himachal Pradesh Kangra Dr. Rajan Sushant
9 Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar Dr. Raja Muzaffar Bhat
10 Maharashtra Amravati Bhawna Bhavesh Vasnik
11 Maharashtra Sangli Sameena Abdulmajid Khan
12 Maharashtra Maval Maruti Sahebraw Bhapkar
13 Maharashtra Chandrapur Wamanrao Sudaishirao
14 Maharashtra Solapur Lalit Babar
15 Maharashtra Aurangabad Subahsh Lomte
16 Maharashtra Thane Sanjeev Sane
17 Maharashtra Beed Nandu Madhav
18 Maharashtra Jalna Deelip Mhaske
19 Maharashtra Bhandara-Gondiya Prashant Mishra
20 Madhya Pradesh Ujjain Aneeta Hindoliya
21 Madhya Pradesh Khargone Kailash Awasya
22 Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur Capt. Abdul Nasir Hanfee
23 Madhya Pradesh Mandsaur Paras Saklecha
24 Madhya Pradesh Mandla Khuman Singh Armo
25 Madhya Pradesh Vidisha Bhagawat Singh Rajput
26 Punjab Patiala Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi
27 Rajasthan Sikar Major Surendra Kumar Punia
28 Rajasthan Kota Ashok kumar Jain
29 Rajasthan Jhunjhunu Raj Kadyan
30 Uttrakhand Almora Harish Chandra

The 16th Lok Sabha of India general election is to be conducted for the 543 Parliamentary Constituencies from all the states of India which is expected to conducted in the month of April and May 2014.

Since the 15th Lok Sabha of India term is to be completed by 31st May 2014 the 16th Lok Sabha of India general election is to be conducted in all the states by the Election Commission of India.


Tamilnadu Election Voter List Enroll Online Application Form Registration

Tamilnadu Election Voter List Enroll Online Application Form Registration:


The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Tamil Nadu provides the online facility of registration of voters to the electoral roll.

The Tamilnadu Government had announced the notification regarding the Voters Entry for all the Districts of Tamilnadu state.

Tamilnadu Voters FORM 6 Application Form

The FORM 6 application form can be used for the inclusion of name in electoral roll after draft publication of roll.

Tamilnadu Voters FORM 7 Application Form

The FORM 7 application form can be used for objection to inclusion of name in electoral roll.

Tamilnadu Voters FORM 8 Application Form

The FORM 8 application form can be used for the correction of particulars in electoral roll.

Tamilnadu Voters FORM 8A Application Form

The FORM 8A application form can be used fof the transposition of entry in electoral roll.

The Accepted documents for Address proof will be Family Ration Card, Driving License, Latest Landline Telephone Bill, Latest Gas Cylinder Bill, Passport, Bank / Post Office Passbook.

The Accepted documents for Age proof will be School Leaving Certificate, Birth Certificate, Declaration by Parents.


2013 Rajasthan District Wise Assembly Constituencies Voter ID List

rajasthanThe Rajasthan state assembly elections for 2013 is schedule the notification on 5.11.2013. Until 12.11.2013 the candidate can file nomination with the scrutiny on 13.11.2013. After filing the applicant can withdraw the nomination form on 15.11.2013 and polling is on 1.12.2013 and the vote counting of results date is on 8.12.2013

Rajasthan will find a fresh election Assembly in a one phase election on 1st dec and the status is on dec 8. Rajasthan comprises two hundred seats in the rajasthan state. Earlier in 2008, the Congress took ninety six seats defeating Vasundhara Raje Scindia charring Bhartaiya Janata Party BJP seats in the state. The remaining seats where in 78 won by BJP, 14 by independents, six by bsp, thre by CPM and 1 by LSP & JDU.

The Rajasthan State Assembly Vidhan Sabha General Election 2013 date sheet has been published by the Election Commission of India yesterday on friday.

There are about 200 hundred seats to be voted by 4.06 crore electoral casters across 45334 polling stations with 34 & 25 reserved for sc & st respectively.

The major play is between ruling Congress & Bharatiya Janata Party with BJP spearheaded by Vasundra Raje Scindia and Congress chief minister Ashok Gehlot

All the live results trends will telecasted and broadcasted by following television channels like India TV News, Sahara Samay, Rajasthan Patrika, Jan TV, HBC News, Khabar Bharti and other news media

Here is the list of district wise electoral card voters id which is final in 2013 updated is uploaded in the official website. Those who are not receipt of voter id can check here for the id along with photo.


Constituency number Name District
1 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
2 Ganganagar Ganganagar
3 Karanpur Ganganagar
4 Suratgarh Ganganagar
5 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
6 Anupgarh Ganganagar
7 Sangaria Hanumangarh
8 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
9 Pilibanga Hanumangarh
10 Nohar Hanumangarh
11 Bhadra Hanumangarh
12 Khajuwala Bikaner
13 Bikaner West Bikaner
14 Bikaner East Bikaner
15 Kolayat Bikaner
16 Lunkaransar Bikaner
17 Dungargarh Bikaner
18 Nokha Bikaner
19 Sadulpur Churu
20 Taranagar Churu
21 Sardarshahar Churu
22 Churu Churu
23 Ratangarh Churu
24 Sujangarh Churu
25 Pilani Jhunjhunu
26 Surajgarh Jhunjhunu
27 Jhunjhunu Jhunjhunu
28 Mandawa Jhunjhunu
29 Nawalgarh Jhunjhunu
30 Udaipurwati Jhunjhunu
31 Khetri Jhunjhunu
32 Fatehpur Sikar
33 Lachhmangarh Sikar
34 Dhod Sikar
35 Sikar Sikar
36 Danta Ramgarh Sikar
37 Khandela Sikar
38 Neem Ka Thana Sikar
39 Sri Madhopur Sikar
122 Phalodi Jodhpur
123 Lohawat Jodhpur
124 Shergarh Jodhpur
127 Sardarpura Jodhpur
128 Jodhpur Jodhpur
129 Soorsagar Jodhpur
130 Luni Jodhpur
133 Pokaran Jaisalmer
157 Dhariawad Pratapgarh
172 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh

New Years Eve 2015 – 16 Parties Online Ticket Booking and Passes in India

New Years Eve 2015 – 16 Parties Online Ticket Booking and Passes in India:

New Years Eve 2013 - 14

The New Year’s Eve will be celebrated on the last day of every year which is celebrated on 31st December as per the Gregorian calendar.

The New Year’s Eve will be celebrated the day before the New Year that is 1st January of every year.

This year the New Year’s Eve is to be celebrated on 31st December 2015, by the people all over the world.

The New Year’s Eve will be celebrated from the evening and will be celebrated full night of 31st December.

The New Year’s Eve special programs and events will be conducted at Hotels, Restaurant, Pubs, Beach in India at all the states.

The advanced ticket booking and passes will be issued for the New Year’s Eve.

Special programs like Songs, Dance, Music and live shows will done for the New Year’s Eve and Special programs will be telecast live on TV Channels.

The New Year’s Eve 2015 for the New Year 2016 will be celebrated at top cities of India like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Surat.

New Year’s Eve 2015-16 Parties List in Ahmedabad
New Year’s Eve 2015-16 Parties List in Bangalore
New Year’s Eve 2015-16 Parties List in Chennai
New Year’s Eve 2015-16 Parties List in Delhi
New Year’s Eve 2015-16 Parties List in Hyderabad
New Year’s Eve 2015-16 Parties List in Jaipur
New Year’s Eve 2015-16 Parties List in Kolkata
New Year’s Eve 2015-16 Parties List in Lucknow
New Year’s Eve 2015-16 Parties List in Mumbai
New Year’s Eve 2015-16 Parties List in Pune
New Year’s Eve 2015-16 Parties List in Surat



Dhoom 3 Movie 2013 Cinema Theaters List Online Ticket Booking, Box Office Collection

Dhoom 3 Movie 2013 Cinema Theaters List Online Ticket Booking, Box Office Collection:

dhoom 3 images

Dhoom 3 is the latest Hindi film written and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya and produced by Aditya Chopra with the leading roles played by Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif.

The Dhoom 3 Hindi movie 2013 was released world wide on 20th December 2013, Friday at various Cinema Theaters.

The ticket reservation and online ticket booking for the movie Dhoom 3 had been started at various Cinema theaters.

Dhoom 3 Cast and Crew Details:

  • Starring: Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Jackie Shroff, Tabrett Bethell, Andrew Bicknell, Diana Penty, Don Kress.
  • Director: Vijay Krishna Acharya.
  • Producer: Aditya Chopra.
  • Screenplay: Vijay Krishna Acharya.
  • Story: Aditya Chopra, Vijay Krishna Acharya.
  • Music Original songs: Pritam, Julius Packiam.
  • Background Score: Julius Packiam.
  • Cinematographer: Sudeep Chatterjee.
  • Editor: Ritesh Soni.
  • Studio: Yash Raj Films.

Dhoom 3 Movie 2013 Mumbai Cinema Theaters List:

  • 24 Karat: Jogeshwari
  • Alankar Cinema: Opera House
  • Alishan Cinema
  • Anand cinema
  • Ashish Cinema
  • Ashok Anil Multiplex
  • Aurora Cinema
  • Bahar Cinema: Vile Parle (E)
  • Balaji Movieplex: Kopar Khairane
  • BIG Cinemas: Huma – Kanjurmarg
  • BIG Cinemas: IMAX, Wadala
  • BIG Cinemas: Little World, Kharghar
  • BIG Cinemas: Metro
  • BIG Cinemas: Metro – Ebony Lounge
  • BIG Cinemas: Palm Beach, Vashi
  • BIG Cinemas: R-City Ghatkopar
  • BIG Cinemas: Runwal – Mulund
  • BIG Cinemas: Sangam, Andheri (E)
  • Broadway Cinema: Purna, Bhiwandi
  • Central Plaza: Girgaon, Mumbai
  • Chandan Cinema: Juhu
  • Chitra Cinema: Dadar(E)
  • Cine raj Cinema
  • CinemaStar: Majhiwada Thane
  • CineMAX: Andheri (E)
  • CineMAX: Bandra(E)
  • CineMAX: Goregaon (W)
  • CineMAX: Growel, Kandivali (E)
  • CineMAX: Infiniti Mall, Malad (W)
  • CineMAX: Kalyan
  • CineMAX: Kandivali (W)
  • CineMAX: Mira Road
  • CineMAX: R Odeon Mall, Ghatkopar
  • CineMAX: Sion
  • CineMAX: Thane (Eternity Mall)
  • CineMAX: Thane (Wonder Mall)
  • CineMAX: Vashi
  • CineMAX: Versova (Gold Class)
  • CineMAX: Versova (Regular)
  • Cinemej Cinema
  • Cinepolis: Neptune Magnet Mall, Bhandup(W)
  • Dattani Digiplex: Vasai (W)
  • Diamond Cinema
  • Dreamland E Square Cinema
  • Eros Cinema
  • Fun Cinemas: Andheri(W)
  • Fun Cinemas: Chembur
  • Fun City BIG Cinemas: Ulhasnagar
  • Fun Fiesta: Nalasopara
  • Galaxy Cinema
  • Geity Cinema
  • Globus Cinema: Bandra(W)
  • Gold Digital Cinema: Shivaji Road Thane (W)
  • Gold Digital Cinema: Sona Borivali (E)
  • Gopi cinema
  • Haseen cinema
  • HDIL Broadway: Bhandup
  • HDIL Broadway: Borivali (E)
  • HDIL Broadway: Vasai (E)
  • INOX: CR2, Nariman Point
  • INOX: Glomax Mall, Kharghar
  • INOX: Inorbit Mall, Malad(W)
  • INOX: Korum Mall, Eastern Express Highway
  • INOX: Metro Mall Junction, Kalyan(E)
  • INOX: Nakshatra Mall, Dadar(W)
  • INOX: Neelyog, Ghatkopar(E)
  • INOX: Raghuleela Mall, Kandivali(W)
  • INOX: Raghuleela Mall, Vashi
  • INOX: Thakur Mall, Dahisar(E)
  • INOX: Thakur Movie, Kandivali(E)
  • K Sera Sera Miniplex: Kurla
  • K.T. Vision Multiplex: Vasai (W)
  • Kalpana cinema
  • Kamran cinema
  • Kasturba cinema
  • Madhuban Theatre: Dombivali
  • Malhar cinema
  • Maratha mandir
  • Maxus Cinemas: Bhayander
  • Maxus Cinemas: Borivali (W)
  • Maxus Cinemas: Saki Naka
  • Mehul cinema
  • Movietime Star City: Matunga (W)
  • Movietime Suburbia: Bandra (W)
  • Movietime: Dahisar (E)
  • Movietime: Malad
  • Movietime: The Hub, Goregaon
  • New Empire
  • New Excelsior Cinema: Fort
  • Paradise cinema
  • Pooja Cinema
  • Premier Gold: Dongri
  • Premiere Cinema: Dadar(E)
  • PVR: Citi Mall, Andheri(W)
  • PVR: Juhu
  • PVR: Market City, Kurla – Gold Class
  • PVR: Market City, Kurla – Premiere
  • PVR: Nirmal Lifestyle Mall, Mulund
  • PVR: Oberoi Mall, Goregaon(E)
  • PVR: Phoenix, Lower Parel
  • Rassaz Cinema
  • Ratan Cinema
  • Regal Cinema: Colaba
  • Roxy Cinema: Charni Road
  • Rupali Magic Cinema
  • Sagar Cinema
  • Sahakar Plaza Cinema
  • Sapna Cinema
  • SM5 Multiplex: Kalyan (W)
  • Star Big Cinemas: Ambarnath(W)
  • Sterling Cineplex
  • Sun City: Vile Parle
  • Tilak Cinema: Dombivili
  • Vaishali Cinema
  • Vandana Cinema
  • Woodland Cinemas: Virar(W)


Dhoom 3 Movie Bangalore Theaters List:

  • Abhinay Theatre: Gandhi Nagar
  • Anand Theatre
  • Anjan Theatre: Magadi Road
  • Cauvery Theatre: Sankey Road
  • CineMAX: Central Mall, Outer Ring Road, Bellandur
  • CineMAX: Total Mall, Soul Space Arena, Outer Ring
  • Cinepolis: Banerghatta Road
  • Eshwari Digital 2K Cinema: Banshankari
  • Everest Digital 2K Cinema (Frazer Town)
  • Fame Shankarnag Chitramandira: MG Road
  • Fun Cinemas: Cunningham Road
  • Ganesh Theatre: Yelahanka New Town
  • Gopalan Cinemas: Arch Mall Mysore Road
  • Gopalan Cinemas: Banerghatta Road
  • Gopalan Grand Mall: Old Madras Road
  • Gopalan Mall: Sirsi Circle
  • Innovative Multiplex: Marathahalli
  • INOX Lido: Off MG Road, Ulsoor
  • INOX: Forum Value Mall, Whitefield
  • INOX: Jayanagar – Garuda Swagath Mall
  • INOX: JP Nagar -Central, Mantri Junction
  • INOX: Magrath Road – Garuda Mall
  • INOX: Malleshwaram – Mantri Square
  • Lakshmi Theatre: Tavareker
  • Manasa Digital 2K Cinema: Konanakunte
  • Mukunda Theatre: Bangalore
  • Navrang Theatre: Rajaji Nagar
  • Parimala Theatre
  • PVR: Koramangala – Classic
  • PVR: Koramangala – Gold Class
  • PVR: Orion Mall, Rajajinagar – Gold Class
  • PVR: Orion Mall, Rajajinagar – Premiere
  • PVR: Phoenix Market City, Whitefield
  • Q Cinemas: Whitefield, Bangalore
  • Rex Theatre: Bangalore
  • Rockline Cinemas: Jalahalli Cross
  • Sri Rajarajeshwari Theatre: Mallathalli
  • Sri Srinivasa Theatre: Padmanabanagara
  • Urvashi Digital 4K Cinema: Bangalore
  • Veerabhadreshwara Theatre: Kamala Nagar
  • Veeresh Cinemas: Screen 1
  • Venkateshwara Theatre: K.R.Puram
  • Vision Cinemas: K. H. Road

Dhoom 3 Chennai Theaters List:

  • AGS Cinemas OMR: Navlur
  • AGS Cinemas: Villivakkam
  • Casino Cinema
  • EGA Complex: Kilpauk
  • INOX National: Arcot Road
  • INOX: Chennai Citi Centre, Dr. RK Salai
  • Janatha Theatre: Chennai
  • Kamala Cinema
  • Mayajaal Multiplex
  • PVR: Ampa Skywalk, Chennai
  • Rakesh multiplex
  • Rakki multiplex
  • Sangam Multiplex
  • Sundar Multiplex

Dhoom 3 Kolkata Theaters List:

  • Ajanta Cinema
  • Ashoka Cinema
  • Atindra Cinema
  • Basusree
  • Bijoli Cinema
  • Bioscope: Axis Mall, Rajarhat
  • Chabighar Cinema
  • Chetna Cinema Hall
  • CineMAX: Mani Square Mall
  • Elite Cinema
  • HDIL Broadway: Salt Lake
  • Hind INOX: Kolkata
  • INOX: City Center, Salt Lake
  • INOX: City Centre II, Rajarhat
  • INOX: Forum Mall, Elgin Road
  • INOX: Hiland Park
  • INOX: Liluah, Howrah
  • INOX: South City, Kolkata
  • INOX: Swabhumi, Maulana Azad Sarani
  • Jagat Talkies
  • Jaya Cinema: Lake Town
  • Jaya Multiplex: City Mall, Barasat
  • Laxmi Cinema
  • London Paris: Mukti World Ballygunge
  • Malancha Cinema
  • Menoka Cinema
  • Minar Cinema
  • Mohua Cinema Hall
  • New Empire
  • Padma Cinema
  • PVR: Avani Mall, Howrah
  • PVR: Jessore Road
  • Queen Cinema
  • Ragini Cinema
  • Rathindra Cinema Hall
  • RDB Cinemas: Salt Lake, Kolkata
  • Talkie Show House

Dhoom 3 Kolhapur Theaters List:

  • Parvati Multiplex: Kolhapur

Dhoom 3 Hyderabad Theaters List:

  • Aaradhana Cinema
  • Amba Cinema Hall 70mm : Hyderabad
  • Asian Radhika Multiplex: ECIL
  • BIG Cinemas: Ameerpet
  • CineMAX: Banjara Hills
  • CineMAX: Inorbit Mall, Cyberabad
  • Cineplanet Multiplex: Kompally
  • Cinepolis: Manjeera Mall, Hyderabad
  • Eeshwar Cinema
  • Galaxy Cinema: Toli Chowki
  • Ganga Cinema: Dilsukhnagar
  • Gokul Cinema
  • Hitech Cinema
  • INOX: GVK One, Banjara Hills
  • INOX: Maheshwari Parmeshwari Mall, Kachiguda
  • Jyothi Cinema
  • Mallikarjuna Cinema
  • Metro Cinema: Bahadurpura
  • Prasads: Hyderabad
  • Priya Theatre: Malleypally
  • PVR: Hyderabad Central Mall
  • Raghavendra Cinema
  • Ranga Cinema
  • Sai Ranga Cinema
  • Sandhya Cinema
  • Sapna Cinemas: Abids
  • Satyam Cinema
  • Shama Cinema: Hyderabad
  • Sharada Cinema
  • Shiva Cinema: Dilsukhnagar
  • Sree Ramana 70MM: Amberpet
  • Sri Rama Cineam
  • Sri Ramana Cinema
  • Sri Sairaja Cineama
  • Sri Sairam Cinema
  • Sushma Cinema
  • Tarakarama Cineplex: Kachiguda
  • Tivoli Cinema: Extreem
  • Tivoli Cinema: Hyderabad
  • Yadagiri Cinema


Rajasthan State Voters List Updates on Assembly Election 2013

Rajasthan State Voters List Updates on Assembly Election 2013:

Election 2014 India

In the Rajasthan state there are totally 200 Assembly Constituencies with 34 Reserved for SCs and 25 Reserved for STs.

The Total number of Electors is 4,06,08056 for all the 200 Assembly Constituencies of Rajasthan state.

There are totally 45,334 polling station available for the 200 Assembly Constituencies of Rajasthan state.

12.11.2013, Tuesday will be last date for Nominations of candidates for the Rajasthan state General Assembly Election 2013.

13.11.2013, Wednesday will be date for Scrutiny of Nominations for the Rajasthan state General Assembly Election 2013.

16.11.2013, Saturday will be the last date for withdrawal of candidatures Rajasthan state General Assembly Election 2013.

On 01.12.2013, Sunday the polling of votes for the 200 Assembly Constituencies of Rajasthan state will be held.

The Counting of votes and the final election results of the winners list will be held on 08.12.2013, Sunday.

The Chief Electoral Officer, Rajasthan provides the latest updates on the 200 Assembly Constituencies of Rajasthan state voters name list which can be searched online by selecting the District and Assembly Constituency name.

Rajasthan Districts List:

Rajasthan Districts List
Ajmer Jalor
Alwar Jhalawar
Banswara Jhunjhunu
Baran Jodhpur
Barmer Karauli
Bharatpur Kota
Bhilwara Nagaur
Bikaner Pali
Bundi Pratapgarh
Chittorgarh Rajsamand
Churu Sawai Madhopur
Dausa Sikar
Dholpur Sirohi
Dungarpur Sri Ganganagar
Hanumangarh Tonk
Jaipur Udaipur


Rajasthan Assembly Constituencies List:

Rajasthan 200 Assembly Constituencies List
1 Sadulshahar 51 Civil Lines 101 Ajmer South (SC) 151 Kherwara (ST)
2 Ganganagar 52 Kishanpole 102 Nasirabad 152 Udaipur Rural (ST)
3 Karanpur 53 Adarsh Nagar 103 Beawar 153 Udaipur
4 Suratgarh 54 Malviya Nagar 104 Masuda 154 Mavli
5 Raisinghnagar (SC) 55 Sanganer 105 Kekri 155 Vallabnagar
6 Anupgarh (SC) 56 Bagru (SC) 106 Ladnun 156 Salumber (ST)
7 Sangaria 57 Bassi (ST) 107 Deedwana 157 Dhariawad (ST)
8 Hanumangarh 58 Chaksu (SC) 108 Jayal (SC) 158 Dungarpur (ST)
9 Pilibanga (SC) 59 Tijara 109 Nagaur 159 Aspur (ST)
10 Nohar 60 Kishangarh Bas 110 Khinvsar 160 Sagwara (ST)
11 Bhadra 61 Mundawar 111 Merta (SC) 161 Chorasi (ST)
12 Khajuwala (SC) 62 Behror 112 Degana 162 Ghatol (ST)
13 Bikaner West 63 Bansur 113 Makrana 163 Garhi (ST)
14 Bikaner East 64 Thanagazi 114 Parbatsar 164 Banswara (ST)
15 Kolayat 65 Alwar Rural (SC) 115 Nawan 165 Bagidora (ST)
16 Lunkaransar 66 Alwar Urban 116 Jaitaran 166 Kushalgarh (ST)
17 Dungargarh 67 Ramgarh 117 Sojat (SC) 167 Kapasan (SC)
18 Nokha 68 Rajgarh-Laxmangarh (ST) 118 Pali 168 Begun
19 Sadulpur 69 Kathumar (SC) 119 Marwar Junciton 169 Chittorgarh
20 Taranagar 70 Kaman 120 Bali 170 Nimbahera
21 Sardarshahar 71 Nagar 121 Sumerpur 171 Bari Sadri
22 Churu 72 Deeg-Kumher 122 Phalodi 172 Pratapgarh (ST)
23 Ratangarh 73 Bharatpur 123 Lohawat 173 Bhim
24 Sujangarh (SC) 74 Nadbai 124 Shergarh 174 Kumbhalgarh
25 Pilani (SC) 75 Weir (SC) 125 Osian 175 Rajsamand
26 Surajgarh 76 Bayana (SC) 126 Bhopalgarh (SC) 176 Nathdwara
27 Jhunjhunu 77 Baseri (SC) 127 Sardarpura 177 Asind
28 Mandawa 78 Bari 128 Jodhpur 178 Mandal
29 Nawalgarh 79 Dholpur 129 Soorsagar 179 Sahara
30 Udaipurwati 80 Rajakhera 130 Luni 180 Bhilwara
31 Khetri 81 Todabhim (ST) 131 Bilara (SC) 181 Shahpura (SC)
32 Fatehpur 82 Hindaun (SC) 132 Jaisalmer 182 Jahazpur
33 Lachmangarh 83 Karauli 133 Pokaran 183 Mandalgarh
34 Dhod (SC) 84 Sapotra (ST) 134 Sheo 184 Hindoli
35 Sikar 85 Bandikui 135 Barmer 185 Keshoraipatan (SC)
36 Dantaramgarh 86 Mahwa 136 Baytoo 186 Bundi
37 Khandela 87 Sikrai (SC) 137 Pachpadra 187 Pipalda
38 Neem Ka Thana 88 Dausa 138 Siwana 188 Sangod
39 Srimadhopur 89 Lalsot (ST) 139 Gudamalani 189 Kota North
40 Kotputli 90 Gangapur 140 Chohtan (SC) 190 Kota South
41 Viratnagar 91 Bamanwas (ST) 141 Ahore 191 Ladpura
42 Shahpura 92 Sawai Madhopur 142 Jalore (SC) 192 Ramganj Mandi (SC)
43 Chomu 93 Khandar (SC) 143 Bhinmal 193 Anta
44 Phulera 94 Malpura 144 Sanchore 194 Kishanganj (ST)
45 Dudu (SC) 95 Niwai (SC) 145 Raniwara 195 Baran-Atru (SC)
46 Jhotwara 96 Tonk 146 Sirohi 196 Chhabra
47 Amber 97 Deoli-Uniara 147 Pindwara-Abu (ST) 197 Dag (SC)
48 Jamwa Ramgarh (ST) 98 Kishangarh 148 Reodar (SC) 198 Jhalrapatan
49 Hawamahal 99 Pushkar 149 Gogunda (ST) 199 Khanpur
50 Vidhyadhar Nagar 100 Ajmer North 150 Jhadol (ST) 200 Manohar Thana


1 2 3 4 19